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in this Holiday Season

The holiday season is around the corner. It’s an exciting time for shoppers and business owners, and it is an excellent time for the jewelry industry to boost sales in the holiday season. We are amid a global pandemic, but now that the governments are in more control of the situation and cases are decreasing, the jewelry industry is hopeful of increased sales. Let’s discuss the top tips that can help your jewelry business reach out to more and more customers this holiday season.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the quickest and easiest way for shoppers to look for the products and services they need or wish to buy. Google shopping gives users information/ listed products on different e-commerce sites, and they can make an informed comparison and make the best buying decision. Google shopping will show results of the thumbnails of the products with the retailer’s information and prices.
The online shoppers can compare and choose products that meet their requirements. It is essential to note that Google Shopping is a part of Google’s Advertising program, and it allows merchants to advertise their tangible products. However, a fundamental difference between Google Shopping and Google’s Keyword-based ads is that in the former, keywords are sourced by Google automatically by extracting them from the Product Titles and descriptions. In the latter, keywords are fed by the merchant which they would like to appear in the search engine results. The ads appear when users search for a particular product or service in Google.
For Google Shopping, you will need a Google Merchant Account that differs from the Google Ads account. It is essential to optimise the products’ photos to reflect the users’ good impression of the product- jewelry in this case. The next step is to provide all the necessary details about the product- type of jewelry- Gold, Silver, etc., Type of Jewelry, carat, price, etc. It would be best to promote Google Shopping as much as the Google Ad Campaigns to drive more revenue. With a well-planned strategy and optimizing the campaigns, you can successfully attract more customers and increase sales.
You can utilize the Google Shopping Data feed tools to optimize your products’ listing process on Google’s Shopping categories.
  • Regular post on social media and keep the interest of prospective buyers intact. Promote your jewelry business to attract a large number of customers on social media.

  • The holiday season is perfect for interacting with the users and initiate discussions about the best gifting ideas. Asking for recommendations will get the conversation interactive. People can tag their near and dear ones to whom they would like to get particular jewelry.

  • It is also the perfect time to announce sales and attractive offers that prompt users to make a buying decision quickly. They would not like to miss the deal, and they would ideally buy the product before the offer ends.
  • It is essential to have the product list in Google Shopping and enable your prospective customers to find you easily. But the next important step is to be consistent on Social Media. You need to leverage the power of Social Media and the vast influence it exercises on the daily life of the users. Let people find you from your regular exciting updates. The latest trend is Moment Marketing, which capitalises on the buzz around a recent major development that significantly impacts people’s lives. In this way, a business can gain some traction by being a part of the trending conversations.

  • Creatives that immediately attract users’ attention are a great way to attract the users’ attention and diverting their focus not only on your product but also on the creative brilliance showcased by your brand. So let people find you on Social Media, Google, and use other methods- the main motive is to bring to them on your website and make purchases. It’s essential to keep pace with the latest trends and promote your products accordingly.

  • Gift Shopping will be the mood of the people in the Holiday Season. People will be eager to gift their loved ones beautiful jewelry that is a memorable gift for them. Diamond/ Gold necklaces, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Studs, Gold Earrings, Gold Studs, Gold / Silver Bracelets, and jewelry for men – every product is likely to be in demand in the Holiday Season. So, it would be a great marketing and promotional idea to attract prospective buyers online with attractive offers. Group gift options on your website will attract buyers, and it will also help increase sales and maximise profitability during the holiday season. ü Thoughtfully created Gift Collections will immediately attract the attention of the buyers. With products neatly categorised into Gift Collections, it will make it easier for online shoppers to make a buying decision. Make buying gifts easier for people as they get confused in selecting the best gift. Provide Gift Collections that match the buyers’ expectations.

The Bottom Line - Tips To Boost Online Presence

It is a great idea to capture the holiday spirit and provide people with reasons to shop online during the holiday season. By implementing different sales strategies, you can drive more sales in the holiday season. It would be the best option to take the help of a professional Digital Marketing company that will offer services to enhance the online presence of your online jewelry store.
Professional assistance will help you reach out to a large number of buyers and increase sales. Several reputed digital marketing companies offer different online marketing services that help companies promote their online business and maximise profitability by attracting a large number of prospective buyers and converting them into customers.

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