How to Make the Digital Jewelry Event a Huge Success During the Holiday Season

The pandemic has changed the scenario of the promotional event as jewelers are now promoting virtual appointments and private in-store appointments. The motive is to successfully do business while complying with the social distancing and other Covid-19 pandemic norms advised by the government. With innovative promotional ideas, the jewelry industry can make the holiday season more exciting for potential buyers by bringing the special holiday in-store event right in their homes and aim for a higher conversion rate.
Spruce up the excitement and tap on the buyers’ curiosity with exclusive social media events hosted on social networking sites. They give the people the excitement of coming together and providing them a personalised experience. It is an excellent opportunity for the jewelers after the lull season due to the harsh Covid-19 period. The online events help to create euphoria and make people look forward to attending an event. A jewelry store can list all the features and attractive details about the jewelry and display them in the holiday gift guide. Online shoppers can be offered attractive discounts during the holiday season, and jewelry businesses can get an excellent opportunity to increase sales.
By encouraging the customers to buy beautiful jewelry with exciting offers on online channels, the industry can make up for the huge losses suffered during the peak of the global pandemic.

Promote on Social Media

Social Media channels are an excellent platform for promoting and advertising products and services and reaching out to many prospective buyers. A large number of users are addicted to social media and spend most of their time on social media. Facebook and Instagram offer excellent opportunities for promotion. Create curiosity and excitement via the online events, update the Facebook page, upload Instagram stories, and keep the users’ interest intact. The current followers will get the updates and help reach out to new users. It will help to connect with the target audience with an interest in the jewelry business.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an underrated and unpopular form of marketing but is highly beneficial and should be extensively used. Jewelry business owners can incite interest with creative sales pitches and increase sales. Create a compelling copy that attracts the users’ attention and provide them a link to the event registration. It will give them notifications/ reminders about the due date of the virtual event.

Create a sparkling Virtual Event with Facebook Live

Use Facebook Live and create your event. With the virtual event, buyers can enjoy the event right from the comforts of their homes. Holiday decors, soothing music, and attention to detail will make a great event for the buyers. With perfect décor and great presentation skills, the jewelry business can engage the audience successfully and convert them into customers.
  • Provide Holiday Gifts at different price points.

  • Provide the latest Jewellery pieces for 2021. Offer exclusive designs.

  • Showcase exclusive jewelry that matches the different apparel in different seasons.
  • Promote engagement rings, wedding bands, and unique designs and capture the wedding euphoria.

  • Create a fun experience for the attendees and promote the event as if it were a live show.

  • Create a personalised experience for the participants. Let them ask questions and answer queries that help to close sales.

Fun Contests

Make your Digital Event successful by holding contests that spruce up the event with a competitive spirit. It encourages the attendees to be more participative in the event. People are likely to sign up for an event with contests and will also tag their friends. It will maximise the reach of the event and make it a huge success.

Use Technology for Higher Customer Engagement

Business owners can use HD videos to highlight every aspect of the jewelry and attract prospective customers. They can showcase the intricate details and focus on the detailed craftsmanship of the jewelry pieces from every possible angle. The 36O- degree videos are a great way to let the attendees capture every minute detail and give them great insight into the optical excellence of the jewelry.

Gift Ideas are a great Option

Sharing a gift guide link is a great idea and linking it back to your site proves highly useful for your business. You should send the gift guide link to the participants, and it will enable them to click and download and make a buying decision—the after-sales event help in an increased rate of customer engagement. The business can get the details of the attendees, and the sales team can follow up with the participants and close deals.

Professional help to make Digital Jewelry Events Successful

Digital solution providers offer unique promotion ideas. They provide innovative marketing strategies with
in-depth knowledge in the jewelry business. You can rely on the experts with their proven digital marketing methods to promote your business well.

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