How to Create Virtual Appointments
For Your Jewellery Store Easily

The risk of Covid19 is still lurking around, and the government is advising to maintain all the Covid protocols. Like any other business, the jewellery stores are witnessing few customer visits in their stores. But this scenario should not prevent jewellery business owners from wooing customers. Virtual Appointments are the next big thing that is helping jewellers to increase sales. Provide customers with a personalized online shopping experience. It’s high time to leverage the massive power of Social Media and use it to maximize profitability.
Virtual Appointments can be creative, ensuring a high customer engagement rate and getting more sales. It is noteworthy that customers will recall the marketing and promotional activities and sales activities during the lockdown. When the situation is normal, you can expect the customers to return to your stores and appreciate your virtual efforts in lockdown conditions.
So, to attract customers, business owners should invest resources in Virtual sales and use different online platforms to engage customers.

Online Platforms

Several apps facilitate Virtual Appointments. The prospective customer can view the available time slots/ dates based on their local time zones, and they can choose a convenient time for the Virtual Appointment. The idea is to provide maximum satisfaction to the customers. They will receive reminders via email, and they can keep track of the online appointment. Conduct meetings via online platforms such as Zoom and make the Virtual Appointments a seamless experience for the prospective customers.
It is easy to use online scheduling apps and online meeting platforms. With training, the sales staff will be equipped with the knowledge to conduct Virtual Appointments skilfully. The sales team can showcase the products and highlight the details. The participants can ask questions, and the business would be glad to answer the questions and provide the best customer engagement process. The audience will take note of the efforts put in by the company. There’s a higher probability of prospective customers returning and buying the products when the physical stores open.

Integrate the Scheduling apps in the existing brand

It would be wise to bring the customers to your existing brand rather than make them stay on a third-party digital product. Create a custom landing page embedded with all the details and strategically placed Call-To-Action buttons. They can use cloud-based software that will instantly connect the target audience with the sales staff. Place the CTA on the landing page, home page, and product pages.
It is a great idea to put the CTA in the navigation menu to enable customers to contact you effortlessly. Use attractive CTAs such as ‘Book an Online Appointment,’ ‘Book A Virtual appointment, ‘Sign me up for a Virtual Appointment,’ etc., and encourage the prospective customers to book a virtual appointment instantly!

Social Media and Email Marketing: Reliable Platforms

Email Marketing is a highly useful traditional marketing tool. The power of email Marketing is underrated, and it can e effectively used to reach out to potential customers. Social Media platforms have an incredible reach when used with appropriate digital marketing activities -help business owners reach out to many customers.

Use email marketing communication and integrate the regular contact list and get a high email open rate. Use this traditional marketing tool to acquire more customers and list the ‘Virtual Appointment’ option in the email. Provide recipients with short time slots options that they can choose as per their convenience to showcase the product range. The business can answer the queries, educate and persuade them- provide streamlined customer engagement. Reach the prospective customers on social media platforms such as Instagram and create riveting stories on your products.
With Instagram Live, get connected with your target audience and answer their questions live. With a highly interactive session, you can engage more customers. With Facebook events, let your prospective client get a glimpse into the fabulous range of products you offer. Build up the curiosity and bring them to your website and enable them to scheduled virtual appointments effortlessly. Make best efforts with Virtual meetings and earn the trust and appreciation of your customers. It will help you acquire more customers and get increased sales.

Training - Create Virtual Appointments For Your Jewellery

Training is essential for the Sales team as they are the primary contact point for your customers. Train them for conducting virtual appointments and how to engage customers virtually. Virtual sessions can be tricky if proper training is not provided as compared to the in-store sales process. They need to be confident to offer a virtual tour of the products and engage effortlessly with the viewers. Also, they need to be skilled in using digital platforms and tools to keep the session interesting and uninterrupted.

Do you need Professional help with Social Media Management?

Social Media Management requires undivided time and attention to leverage the power of social media to promote business growth.
As a jewellery business owner, you can hire a Digital Marketing company that can provide dedicated Social Media Management services. With attractive, engaging, and meaningful posts, the company will help you gain traction in the dynamic social media world. Grab the attention of prospective clients and existing customers and let them know what you are up to! Announce festive deals, holiday discounts, attractive gift options- capitalize on the power of Social Media and reach out to your customers.

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