How To Increase Sales For Jewellery Stores In Unprecedented Times

How To Increase Sales For Jewellery Stores In Unprecedented Times

The global pandemic has changed the way how businesses across different industries operate. All companies are making every effort to increase their sales, and as a jewellery business owner, you can also increase sales in this challenging period. Let’s discuss how you can explore the ideal business approach during the testing times of the pandemic.  

With the pandemic still lurking around, more and more people are at their homes and are spending most of their time online. So the in-store traffic is reduced -people have moved online and therefore the online platform offers an excellent opportunity to increase sales.  

You should focus on e-Commerce and create an online presence and boost it to reach out to prospective customers. You can hire experts to offer you eCommerce development services, Search Engine Optimisation, and Social Media Marketing services. Reach out to your online customers, and they will find you if you use the proper digital marketing techniques.  

Use content marketing effectively and use blogs and articles to inform, educate and guide your customers to buy. Customisation is the key to success in a digital marketplace. Experts will let you know which digital marketing platform will work best for you and will leverage the platform to provide you with a better ranking, increased visibility, and better customer reach. Read on to know how you can use digital marketing platforms to increase sales.  

Join the e-Commerce revolution

If you want that your jewellery business to be more profitable, it should be a part of e-commerce- it is inevitable. Online shopping is on the rise and is considered a dominating factor while deciding business strategies. The right time is now to go online and build a robust online presence. Selling online has become more accessible with various platforms such as Shopify. Instagram has emerged as a popular platform that sellers optimally use to promote their goods and increase sales. If you have budget constraints, opt for email marketing or uploading posts/ offers on your Instagram page.

Direct Selling on Instagram:

Instagram is a popular platform with over 1 billion monthly active users globally. You can link the product detail to the image and guide users to buy your product while being on the interface of your official page.  

You can also benefit from dynamic ads and laser target customers to promote your products. Focus on advertisements of products in which buyers have already shown interest, and it will help guide the customers to the right products. Concentrating on custom audiences and lookalike audiences will help, but dynamic ads will also fetch better results.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are one such product that has kept the jewellery businesses afloat even during the recession. So, what’s stopping you? People will always fall in love and get married, if not now but in the near future. So, promote the engagement rings to drive more sales. 

Proposal stories always work. But if you are short of user-generated stories, you can promote giveaways via attractive contests. Get the best proposal story, promote the content on your social media pages, attract more customers, and increase your sales.  

Audience Segmentation

Segment or classify your audience if you want to increase your jewellery sales. Instead of making your email marketing audience vague, narrow down the target audience and then market your products. You can market effectively by choosing different parameters such as purchase history, billing amount, etc. It would be best to remember that every customer is important and focus on a particular customer segment. High sales from each customer segment will collectively increase your overall sales.

So, customising the emails is vital so that you can engage your customers – get high email open rates along with high email unsubscribe rates. But don’t bombard your target audience with too many emails which are about sales only. Provide them educational content or updates about your business etc., to keep the users’ interest intact. You can also have an appointment link in your emails and give the prospects the convenience of booking an online slot. The same strategy applies to platforms such as Instagram- educate your customer and provide the ease of online appointments.  

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Appointment Booking

A one-on-one appointment is an ideal way to avoid big gatherings in your local store, and it will also help maintain social distancing. You can use apps to make it easier for your prospective customers to book appointments, and they can check your availability and, as per their convenience, book an appointment slot. You can also provide them with video consultation if they prefer to get online appointments.  

Video Conferencing

Virtual promotion is the next big thing. Consultation through video conferencing and educating the prospective customers about your products will also help in increasing sales. People are fast adapting to virtual sets up and, therefore, promoting goods via an online platform will help you attract customers and fetch you high-quality leads. 

Search Engine Marketing

Google is the ultimate search engine where prospective buyers look for all kinds of products, including jewellery. Consumers search for the products and services and research online to make an informed buying decision. So you must have accurate information put up online so that they can find your business online, get more valuable information about it and contact you to make a buying decision eventually.  

When users search for particular keywords, it displays their intent to explore a product or buy a product or a service. Therefore Social Media Optimisation is necessary to utilise the platform’s reach effectively and help a business broaden its customer reach with the vast reach of social media. 

You might think that during a global crisis such as that of the Covid-19, the sales for luxury items will go down, but there are a few things to consider which go in favour of promoting a business using digital marketing techniques. 

Many businesses are either out of competition due to escalating costs, and there will be less competition, and the cost will also go down in competing online. It means the cost per click will lower, and you will spend less as the search volume will also be less. So, you must invest in digital marketing- SEO to improve organic search results and paid campaigns – PPC to make yourself heard in the overcrowded digital marketplace, which becomes less competitive during a global crisis.  

Inbound Marketing

You can always rely on inbound marketing and create an organised system to get more leads in the sales funnel. Strengthen your relationships with your customers with better customer engagement tactics.  

Connect with your target audience with engaging, unique, and informational content and build a relationship with them. Nurture the leads and guide them to consider the call to action.  


These are uncertain times, but as a business owner, you need to ensure business continuity. You can increase your sales in these challenging times by grabbing the best opportunities that are available to you. Be proactive in your approach and acquire more customers with digital marketing. 

Reach out to the Jewellers UAE team, and we can connect you with the best digital marketing experts.  

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