Know-How To Manage Your Jewellery Store's Online Reputation

Know-How To Manage Jewellery Store Online Reputation

It is vital to manage online reputation and, most importantly, manage it consistently. As a jeweller, it’s crucial to allocate resources to manage the online reputation. It is a valuable asset that needs to be guarded proactively as a bad reputation can severely damage business prospects. Irrespective of the size of your jewellery store, make sure that you get online reputation management services to showcase your reliability and tell your potential customers that you are a trustworthy business operating online. The online reputation should always be good, and you need to keep an eye on it and maintain a good image consistently. 

It is important to create and maintain an excellent online reputation to attract new customers and retain the existing ones to build up a large customer base ensuring business continuity. More and more people are looking up on the Internet before they make buying decisions- as per research, 97% of users use the Internet to research local products and services. So, that is a huge number, and it gives a compelling reason to jewellers to maintain a good reputation online to attract consumers. It is crucial to maintain an excellent reputation offline and online to win the trust of the customers.  

Statistics reveal consumer behaviour which business owners should consider and invest in online reputation management. According to a survey by BrightLocal -the most valuable local marketing services include Reputation Management, among other factors. Further, the survey reveals that 48 % of consumers pay attention to reviews written within the past two weeks, so you need to proactively invest in online reputation management. In addition, 53% of people would consider a business with fewer than 4 stars- BrightLocal – Local Consumer Review Survey. 

What is involved in Manage Jewellery Store Online Reputation?

Before managing the online reputation, jewellery business owners should understand what precisely online reputation refers to? Public perception of your brand- how the users perceive your brand, what they think about the brand, how they receive your promotional and marketing efforts- the public’s thoughts about your brand is a strong determinant of your market positioning. A bad reputation has harmful consequences resulting in loss of business. Efforts that go into creating the desired online reputation are defined as reputation management. Surveys have revealed that a large number of businesses lose customers after getting 4 or more negative reviews. Furthermore, a sizeable percentage of companies with a negative reputation experience loss of brand value, leading to a decrease in revenue. 

Dispute Resolution Management

 It is essential to know the right approach for a fast dispute redressal process and quickly go into the damage control mode. With a bad reputation, companies have to face backlash and report a loss in revenue. A good online reputation management strategy is required to resolve disputes quickly and minimize the impact of an unpleasant customer experience. A dispute resolution policy defines the plan to deal with a bad customer experience causing a bad reputation. 

Manage Jewellery Store Online Reputation

Staff Training

Your employees are the primary source of contact for your business. So, they need to be trained thoroughly in customer service and deliver high standards of professionalism while communicating with the customers. With proper training, they will represent your brand in the best manner and minimise disputes. With interactive training sessions and a social media usage policy included in the contract, you can prevent any harm, including unintentional damage to your reputation. 

Manage Jewellery Store Online Reputation & Reviews

As per the survey conducted by BrightLocal in the Online Reputation Management Survey- 50% of Local Marketers cannot put more effort into their online reputation due to lack of time. Considering the repercussion a bad reputation has on a business, it is highly advisable to outsource a Digital Marketing agency/ Online Reputation service provider that can offer you online reputation management. You can find a large number of buyers who research before buying products on the Internet. So, a business needs regular online reputation management services to safeguard the goodwill that has been earned over the years. Reputation is fragile but becomes a strong asset that can lead your business on the path of success when managed well. Online reviews impact buyers’ decisions, so a business needs to be vigilant about its online reputation. 

You can follow the following tips for efficiently managing the online image.  

  • Keep a tab on business popularity with Google Alerts. 
  • Proactively respond to good and bad social media reviews. Put your point across firmly but gently when handling disgruntled customers to appease them. According to the ReviewTrackers Online Review Survey, 45% of consumers say they have a higher probability of visiting a business that responds to the negative reviews they have put up. Moreover, 53% of customers expect a company to respond to negative reviews within a week. 
  • Do not confront online. Instead, make efforts to bring the discussion, resolution offline. 
  • Request happy customers to provide online reviews about their experience and brand. 
  • Interact with customers on forums – try to answer a maximum number of questions and enable the customers to feel connected with your business. 

By following the steps mentioned above, you can ensure that you can maintain an excellent online reputation. However, if you need help in Online Reputation Management, you can rely on experience and trustable Digital Marketers. The professionals will research and create a powerful marketing strategy to manage your online reputation efficiently. 

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