How can
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Google Analytics provides in-depth analysis about the customer base, the effectiveness of your market reach and lets you understand your potential customer base. If you need to understand the components of your website traffic for your jewellery store, you can rely on Google Analytics. It helps improve the Digital Marketing initiatives by understanding the customers’ preferences for particular jewellery pieces. In today’s evolving digital world, more and more consumers spend time online and prefer to shop online. e-Commerce and M-Commerce have witnessed a massive surge due to the increased use of smartphones and the availability of the Internet.
Instead of visiting the physical stores and finding out the best product for themselves, the customers have started researching online. They will visit a website, explore the options and navigate the site to make an informed buying decision. Google Analytics will provide insights on the customers who are landing on the website and their activities. Read on to know how a jewellery business can effectively use Google Analytics.

1. Google Analytics Homepage

Google Analytics is a vast resource of information that a business can utilise to expand the customer base and increase profits. If you want to create a Google Analytics account for your Jewellery Store, you need not have huge expertise in technical data. Some basic information that gradually increases with experience with web analytics will make you familiar with its analytics.

2. Google Analytics Is Free!

The holiday season is perfect for interacting with the users and initiate discussions about the best gifting ideas. Asking for recommendations will get the conversation interactive. People can tag their near and dear ones to whom they would like to get particular jewelry.

3. Install Google Analytics tracking code on the website. The website development team will embed it in your site,        which will help you track your website visitors.

Google Analytics provides tons of information that a business should effectively utilise to expand its customer base and increase profitability. It is advisable to keep track of a few essential metrics that will help you understand your potential customer base.
The Source of the website Traffic
  1. Traffic is a vital key metric that will let you know where your visitors are coming from. The customers might be influenced by the social media ads, Email marketing, or even traditional marketing such as newspapers and flyers. The traffic might be due to the dedicated SEO efforts or might come through paid advertising. Google Analytics will tell you all, putting the guessing work aside. You know where to invest the right amount of money to get the best results.

  2. Compare the number of visitors on mobile and desktop.
Know about the device type. Mobile traffic is increasing day by day as people prefer to use their smartphones and other mobile devices to find products, research them, and make buying decisions. A large percentage of mobile users prefer to buy online. So, it’s vital information a jewellery business owner should know. It can ensure that the website has a fast loading time and is mobile-friendly. The mobile app should be intuitive and user-friendly. Google Analytics user device helps businesses make a sound investment decision regarding investing in mobile commerce and connect with its target audience.

1. Google Analytics new users

After gathering information about Google Analytics user devices, the next step is to learn about the users- new potential customers or the old users who have previously visited your site. Create a fine online experience for your customers with Digital Marketing efforts directed towards understanding your customers, spotting the trends, and making the most out of the data provided by Google Analytics. The website might fetch new visitors in organic results, or they might come from PPC campaigns. The returning visitors will come back to find more information about the product they had chosen earlier or search for new or relevant products.

1. Google Analytics Pages - Jewellery Stores Use Google Analytics

It is essential to know which pages are getting the views. Businesses can view the data in various ranges- they can select the period, such as today, yesterday, last week, and even create a custom range. It helps to view the trends over a period, and accordingly, a business owner can tweak its business strategy to keep pace with the changing trends. Google Analytics is a reservoir of data that businesses can use to augment business growth.
Suppose you have launched new jewellery pieces to your collection- pendants, diamond-studded rings, or even diamond pendants to attract buyers during the holiday season. It would be prudent to create pages dedicated to the new collection with product pages for each new collection you are offering. With the help of Google Analytics, you can know and understand the customers’ preferences and make prospective clients aware of your new collection. You can align your marketing strategy accordingly by getting vital information about the visited pages and the products getting more attention. The sales information gained proves indispensable to plan the subsequent marketing and promotion campaign as well. Google Analytics provides vital customer information that helps the jewellery business owners to offer products/ jewellery that meets the customer’s expectations.

2. Google Analytics Pages

Managing Google Analytics and optimally utilising the vast information it provides might need assistance from the experts. The Digital Marketing Experts effectively use the tool to provide guidance that helps boost sales. The powerful tracking capabilities of the analytics allow you to have a deep understanding of your customer base- its demography, its preference, and what it explores on your website. The metrics need to be analysed efficiently and make informed business decisions to match the customers’ demands. Get help with Google Analytics Account Set up, create a well-researched marketing strategy, and use the metrics to maximise profitability.

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