How to get Success
with Digital Marketing for
Jewellery Stores in 2022

How to get Success with Digital Marketing for Jewellery Stores in 2022

Last year has taught us the importance of digital marketing, and it has become an absolute necessity for retail businesses who want to connect with their audience and increase sales. Though all the sales do not happen online, online sales can become an essential part of the sales funnel strategy. 

Most people think that websites are the primary source of online sales. Websites drive a large part of the online traffic, but other elements also help get more deals. So, websites in conjunction with other online marketing activities help to generate more revenue online. But you must optimise your website to get a high conversion rate. We have earlier talked about what an ideal website is -its various components and how you can choose the best digital marketing campaign. A digital marketing company with experience in promoting jewellery should be the best choice. 

Your New Key to Digital Marketing Success

 We have helped a large number of jewellery store owners to connect with the best digital marketing partners. It has improved their online visibility and helped them reach out to prospective customers. With a better customer engagement process using the right digital marketing activities, jewellers have kept pace with the changing market trends in a continuously evolving online space. Covid-19 has brought online marketing into focus like never before. Businesses are fast realising the importance of digital marketing and its effectiveness in offering better customer engagement.

People preferred online shopping during the restricted times of the global pandemic, which has triggered a shift in the mindset of several businesses, including jewellery business owners, who embrace online marketing more than ever. Another critical trend prevalent last year was that people preferred to shop online instead of spending on travel. So, as a business, you can capitalise on this changing stance in the mindset of consumers and make your business accessible online and reach out to them to witness an increase in your sales. 

Considering the factors that have attracted more customers online, jewellers have filled their sales funnel with high-quality leads. Sales funnel refers to the stages the business wants to take the buyers and eventually guide them in making a buying decision. Sales funnels guide buyers to make decisions naturally as they go through different phases of their journey. 

We can segregate the funnel into the top, middle, and bottom parts that refer to the buyers’ journey. The top part relates to lead generation, the second refers to the interest, and the funnel’s bottom part is the Conversion. Lead generation refers to attracting prospective customers who are likely to take the desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter, responding to surveys, downloading an eBook, or purchasing a product/ service. They will provide their contact information in exchange, and it will help create an email list that a business can target. The next stage is the consideration stage with a Call-to-Action that will enable the users to take the desired action. The third stage is the decision stage, in which the lead makes a purchase, and you have a conversion. 

 By building an effective sales funnel, jewellers can attract prospects and convert them into customers. The traditional sales funnels involve different touchpoints and require the active participation of the sales personnel. On the contrary, the digital marketing funnel is an automated one. You take the target audience through different events – buyer’s journey, and they make a buying decision at the end of it. Automation in digital marketing with a software solution guides the buyer through the sales process and provides effective results. 

A notable difference between the traditional sales and digital marketing funnel is that the latter uses automation for better customer engagement. The former is dependent on the sales team that controls the entire process starting from Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action- when the prospective buyers take the desired action and make a purchase. 

Marketing Automation- Full Funnel Marketing

 If you want to get familiar with the digital marketing success formula, you need to know the different stages in the funnel. Read on to understand how you can apply it to the jewellery store. 

Search Engine Marketing

 We have always emphasised the importance of SEM- Search Engine Marketing because searches describe the users’ intention. If users type the following keywords- Wedding bands near me, Buy engagement ring near me- these searches define the buyer’s intention- the products they want to buy. So, search engine optimisation is an absolute necessity so that you can drive more traffic to your website. by combining SEO and PPC campaigns. 

Email Lists

 Email List also is a great way to ensure that your sales funnel has high-quality leads. Using the email list, integrating them into Facebook, and displaying the ads on Facebook and Instagram to the custom audience, you can aim for a high conversion rate. Also, create a lookalike audience whose demographics and interests match that of the existing audience, so these prove an effective way to fill up the sales funnel with the best leads.   

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are a great way to attract potential customers and add them to your sales funnel. Retargeting ads to website visitors are likely to get a higher conversion rate. Remarketing works well with them as the visitors view the products they have earlier shown interest in. Setting up the campaign and automating the process will help you fetch a higher number of leads. With marketing automation, you can remind and encourage your potential customers to buy from you. The website visitors can view the ads based on their browsing history. They will view the ads on the sites that are part of the massive Google Display Network. Also, when they log into their Facebook and Instagram, they will see the retargeted ads. So dynamic ads are effective because they offer customers want they want and therefore help to increase sales. 

Lookalike Audiences- Tap them.

Every business wants to attract high-quality leads and get a high ROI by adding potential customers to your sales funnel, which works on automation. A lookalike audience is defined as an audience that Facebook targets based on the list you have imported. The segmentation for the advertising purpose matches the list of criteria of the advertiser. The data find users with a similar interest -users who have common interests with the custom audience. The lookalike audience will help you boost your online reach and increase your sales. It helps to find new prospective buyers by considering the browsing and purchase history. 

Email Automation

Automated emails can nurture the leads, and businesses can reach out to the prospective lead effectively. You can share similar products viewed by the user on your website and provide attractive offers to motivate them to buy. Engage your customers with email marketing with reminders about the abandoned cart orders and nudge them to go back to the website and complete the purchase process. The jewellery business can effectively use email marketing to attract prospective customers and grow their sales. 

Focus on the conversion rate optimisation CRO

After creating the sales funnel, it’s essential to keep an eye on the website’s traffic. Get actionable data insights from the analytics and fix the issues that crop up. Work on the components that prevent you from broadening your customer reach. Create an effective digital marketing strategy to improve your online sales. 


With the above discussion, we can conclude that all the elements contribute to digital marketing efforts. When used collectively, they will make your digital marketing campaign a huge success. Another crucial component is social media marketing which greatly enhances online presence. 

We can connect you with the experts in their field who will create the best digital marketing strategy. They will implement the online marketing activities and monitor them and keep pace with the changing trends. Let us know if you require professional assistance in creating the best digital marketing strategy for 2021 for your jewellery store. 

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